Dr. Swami Muktanand Nirhomi

Ph.D. (Alternative Medicine), MD (NM & AM), MS (Y&N), CCAT

Medical Director

Dr. SWAMI MUKTANANA NIRMOHI is our Medical Director at Panchtatva Health & Wellness Research Center (PHWRC) Jaipur. He brings more than 15 Years of rich experience in the field of Naturopathy, Alternative Medicine, Advanced Yoga-therapy and international Holistic Medicine along with Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Osteopathy. He has extensive experience of serving patients at several well-known wellness canters in India, where he successfully treated various complicated and challenging cases which were deemed incurable, according to modern medical science. Over the years, he has created change in the lives of thousands of people who are now leading happy and healthy lives. Many clients consider him to be the best Holistic health expert in India. 

He is appreciated for Medical care excellence by Ms. Anita Bhadel (The Honorable Minister of Woman and Child Welfare, Government of Rajasthan). He has awarded by many Hospitals and Organizations for giving his services in the field of Naturopathy, Ayurveda and yoga therapies and other alternative medicine practices to the society. Presently He is also serving the World Health Research and Development Organization (WHRDO) as President.  He has successfully established many modern and well-equipped naturopathy hospitals & wellness canters in India. He has attended countless national conferences & seminars for spreading awareness and learning of new methodologies in alternative medicine, along with geriatric care through Integrated holistic medicine science conducted by WHRDO. He remains updated with the latest scientific and technological inventions in the field of holistic natural cure and uses his knowledge to upgrade the quality and effectiveness of therapies and treatments at Panchtatva Health & Wellness Research Center, Jaipur.

Dr. SWAMI MUKTANANA NIRMOHI says, “I have dedicated my life to the mission of service for humanity through the system of Holistic/ Alternative Medicine Science. My Mantra in life is – Mother nature is the best doctor, hence no disease or condition is incurable if we follow the laws of nature and The best part of the nature that it can Heal us by itself, until we interfere with it. My aim is to provide efficient & effective result-oriented four dimensional (body mind soul and social) wellness to my patients with utmost personal care and comfort according to their nature.”