PANCHTATVA Health & Wellness Research Centre (PHWRC) is an advanced integrated holistic health and wellness center in Jaipur (Raj.). We have developed a very comprehensive approach to the system of healing, based on the ancient vaidik science associated with international holistic therapies. At PANCHTATVA, the advantages of modern science and technologies combine with holistic medical science, to improve efficacy and provide result-oriented solutions. Our expertise includes treating a variety of conditions and long running ailments, while enhancing the overall health and well-being of our guests/patients. We draw on a wide array of natural healing intervention and diagnostic techniques to promote optimal health and to treat as well as prevent diseases. We offer prevention and cure for chronic diseases and pain through body detoxification, Rejuvenation, integrated treatment programs, wellness programs and lifestyle modification without using any drugs. We have a highly professional team of doctors, therapists and dieticians who leverage decades of experience to create personalized wellness routines catered to your need. At PANCHTATVA, we make your “Body-Mind-Soul” pure with our holistic therapies/treatments and provide a perfect combination of luxury and wilderness to make your experience memorable and serene.

Our purpose at Panchtatva

  • Detoxification, by eliminating accumulated toxins in the body through a natural process
  • Rejuvenation, by keeping the physiological functions intact and in normal range through natural ways to health
  • Lifestyle motivation, with counseling & psychotherapy
  • Lifestyle modification, by rectifying poor lifestyle habits
  • Lifestyle management, by offering a complete guideline to the art of healthy living